Hello. I finally nailed a “proper” blog together. I’ll warn you now it’s fairly geeky but hopefully reads less like an instruction manual than the previous attempt.

Speaking of previous attempts, the sandbox is still up. Amazingly some people are actually reading it so I’ve left it alone.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here’s some stuff what I wrote…

The posts

wot no open source?

Sorry. The tech for this one is the same as before - Jekyll on Github; nice and simple, automagic versioning, editable anywhere (and over the web if I really have to). Might write something over the top of it for editing purposes that makes the web bit a little more streamlined but that’s for another day. If I get it working, I’ll write about it here.

I’ve not avoided open source because I don’t want you to copy but because I want to keep my drafts in private but still under version control and couldn’t think of another way of doing it. Structurally it’s very similar to the Sandbox (see, another reason for keeping them separate!) but using MarkDown instead of Textile for reasons which escape me. Something something Github issues lists. I think. Or maybe I made that up.